Reservation of room in the guest house “Cabacum Plaza”

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Return of an advance

If you want to withdraw from reservation for up to 50 days, you will receive full amount of advanced money. If you withdraw from reservation for up to 50-30 days before arrival date, you will receive the half of advanced money. If there is less than 30 days before arrival date, the advanced money won’t be returned. We hope for your understanding.

Booking confirmation

You should pay 30% advanced money of total cost of apartments. After that you will receive a tourist voucher, which is the confirmation of room booking.

How to make pay in advance?

You can pay advanced money by plastic or through the payment system PayPal.
Bank transfer: UniCredit Bulbank
IBAN BG39UNCR70001520737626
Payment System: PayPal


How to make the reservation?

You can make the reservation by the phone or leave the application on our web-site.
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