On The Varna

About Varna City Varna is the biggest harbor of Bulgaria, the biggest resort-town on the Black Sea coast and health-center. This place is perfect for tourists who want to combine beach vacation and cultural time.

The ancient town on the Black Sea coast.

This city was already known in VI century BC. At that time, it was Greek colony and was called Odessos. It got Bulgarian name only in IX century.

The ancient town is located in the northeast of Bulgaria near Rumanian border.

The coldest month in Varna is January. The average temperature in winter is +2 °C. At this time of the year, the winter surprises the tourists with snow flurries and frosts. The spring usually comes at the end of March. The summer comes in May and lasts until the middle of October. The average temperature of warm season is 24 °C. The temperature of water is +20 - +30 °C.

The nature of Varna is picturesque. Colorific gardens, exotic plants, waterscapes harmonize with ancient architecture. It is a paradise for tourists who are tired of monotony and vanity of metropolitan city.

Cultural Varna

The city landmark is Holy Assumption Cathedral Church XIX century. Ivan Maas is the architect of this beautiful creation. The cathedral was built of stones, which made up Turkish ramparts around Varna.

Roman Thermae – the ruins of Roman baths are situated in the heart of the city. It was truly grandiose building over 7 000 square meters in area. The baths were built at the end of the II century A.D. and functioned about 100 years. The guests of Varna have a good opportunity to give a touch to antiquity and to see those things, which were kept from that time.

Finding yourself in Varna, you should visit “Stone Forest”, which is located 18 kilometers away from the city. A lot of graceful stone columns with height to 7 meters rise here. The Bulgarians call them “Punched in stones”.  

Fortress Ovech is located 53 kilometers away from Varna. The Byzantines, the Romans, the Thracians, the Turks and the Bulgarians used this fortress as defensive installation.

You should also visit Aladzha abbey, sculptured in the living rock. It is located only 14 kilometers away from Varna.

Resort Town

Resort zones are situated in the suburbs of Varna. The resort “St. Konstantin and Elena” is located in the south of the city and “Rivera” in the north.

The length of the beach is 3 kilometers and the wideness is 80 meters. St. Konstantin and Elena beaches are located on the shore of the gulf. There is a green park with mineral springs around the beach.

Rivera suits for business events. From the beginning, the resort was governmental residence. Now the resort boast trophy hotels and high quality services.

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