Places to visit during vacation in hotel “Cabacum Plaza”

Cape Kaliakra from Varna

The Cape Kaliakra is located 12 km away from Kavarna and 60 km away from Varna. The name “Kaliakra” in Greek means “beautiful cape”. Golden purple cliffs lie along the Black Sea for two kilometers. The height of the cliffs is about 70 meters.

The cape is a unique natural monument and archeological reserve.


Balchik is port city of Bulgaria, large picturesque resort on the Black Sea cost. The city is located in the north of the country. It is 500 km away from Sofia. This place is famous for mineral springs and therapeutic muds.

Creatively different architecture – multicolored houses in the shape of amphitheater attract tourists attention. The resort is located in the creek and cliffs verge to the sea.

Thermae in Varna

Antique Roman Thermae (public baths) are situated in the heart of Varna. This is the biggest baths complex at Balkans. The baths were built at the end of the II century A.D. and functioned about 100 years. . It was truly grandiose building over 7 000 square meters in area.

Roman Thermae is the most important component of Bulgaria's historical heritage and the main sight of Varna.

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