Cabacum Beach, 197 Chaika Resort, Varna 9007
43.260092 | 28.033442
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Feel the Summer...

Dear guests, welcome to sunny Bulgaria in the Cabacum Plaza apartment on the Kabakum beach near Varna and Golden Sands!
* * *
Rest from the city bustle and bustling resorts with a stormy nightlife under the rustle of the surf and the singing of birds in the pre-dawn silence - this is what awaits our guests in the height of the tourist season.
The mood that is passed to the guests of Cabacum Plaza through an aura of tranquility and tranquility by the pool is so inexpressible that you can feel it only after feeling the sun glinting from the pool and the sea at the same time. Add here a few screams of seagulls and backs of periodically visiting dolphins
and you will be drawn in the imagination of a real picture of your vacation in Cabacum Plaza.